Opening up the hallway

January 18, 2016

When we first moved in I thought I might use these cabinets.. but after living with that tight little walk space and useless cabinets, it’s time. they’re out now and I’m loving the open space! The line of sight is so long now and I just want to paint the posts and doors white now to help them disappear until we can rework the doors! : )
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151205-girls room -007

She’s My Ladies Room

December 5, 2015

When we bought our house, this little bathroom was probably the least favorite part of my house…I couldn’t even look at it.. it was so stinky and gross.

Then we had it painted with the rest of the house….. and a NEW TOILET!! . the toilet…  It wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be and GYOSH that really cleaned it up!! It’s worth it…. and Jason at Alligator Plumbing was super helpful.. we will definitely be contacting him when we are ready to overhaul.

I could look again…and one random moment..  trying out my art in different areas i set my flower head ladies in the space and realized I was so happy i had old pink tiles.. that I was embracing the old. the pink the grey and the small.

She’s my ladies room.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to disassemble the black frames and paint the metal either matte gold or white… and someday soon I would love to get these schoolhouse electric towel bars from my favorite place in PDX.

 Paint in simply white // Kohler Toilet // a cozy little white bathmat from Target // fauceted Ory knobs from Anthro // and hanging my lost wall decor

151020-girls room -001 151101-girls room -002
151205-girls room -006

151205-girls room -005











just double checking dad's work.. looking good...

I Fix it — Ode to Mav

November 30, 2015

In his deepest gruntalish voice, he says ‘i fix it. … deeply.. i got it.. ” … and I don’t have even close to as many upgrades documented as things that Mav has fixed with Dad. He’s two.. and runs at the sound of the drill… and cannot fathom not being 5 inches away from the worksite.

the frame below the sink wasn't up to code.

the frame below the sink wasn’t up to code.

time to round out this hole in the floor... it's not big enough to stick cups through yet..

time to round out this hole in the floor… it’s not big enough to stick cups through yet..

wicker can always use tightening

wicker can always use tightening

just double checking dad's work.. looking good...

just double checking dad’s work.. looking good…

hot kettle was close to leaking

hot kettle was close to leaking

151129-mav fixin stuff-006

extreme close up of stabilizing high chair

extreme close up of stabilizing high chair

this train will go faster!

this train is clearly rattling.

A lil’ peak.

November 24, 2015

So many changes are happening here. For now, check out the difference in this view!


151020-ground work-001

Ground Work

November 23, 2015

My was quite the excavation. We had no idea that this floor would have taken so much time just to make ready for new flooring, but the ground work is complete. Thank GOODNESS for great family and friends who can trouble shoot even THIS FLOOR! haha THANK YOU! We are beyond grateful for your wisdom and help. In retrospect, we’d probably hire out the demo.. but having not done it… (Jon mainly) .. wouldn’t know the house inside and out.. and all of those NECESSARY functions we so take for granted are now appreciated more than ever before.. like level floors, plumbing by none other but Alligator Plumbing and electrical.. and walls.. and a revolutionary move of door by Halley Caitlyn Designs .. and KC custom builders for some late phase consulting… and walls.. (sheetrock) those are nice too. and paint.. and good plastic and mops .. haha SO MUCH goes into this!

Stay tuned for the next phase .. cabinets and a couple of fun finish pieces like fronts, pulls faucets and more!




151119-nutella hc-003

Nutella Cocoa –steamed not stirred!

November 19, 2015

Confession: we come from long line of elf ancestry..we tune in to Johnny Mathis Holiday station on the way to school and look for christmas lights.. we can’t help it!- Caught in the uber early Christmas joy. …. so naturally, we made our first Cocoa of the season today. What better introduction than a Nutella Hot Cocoa steamed to kids temp? I only wish I had some chocolate handy to shave into it.

On my blog hopping yesterday at naptime, I found a recipe on Lark and Linen  .

Super Simple, minor tweaks and less measuring in mine.

You’ll need:


Mini Marshmallows

A very high and hidden place to stash them — completely out of sight


I decided to dust off an old espresso machine from the garage and get fancy… so if you have one, use it for steamy foamy goodness. Simply pour milk scoop Nutella and steam slowly.. stir up the Nutella a big half way and keep steaming gently.

… and this ALSO may or may not have been a fun excuse to take photos of the curtains we put up in the breakfast nook the other night.

We used Bay Window Rods from IKEA  to connect the corner window, and luckily our old curtains were tabbed to round the corner easily. I’m loving how they disappear white on white.. and noticing how much I’m loving our Simply White paint color that has worn so nicely in our two homes before this one.. .. neutral .. clean and I love how it’s looking in golden hour light.  There’s a reason it became color of the year!

Bits of progress, this space was one of my favorites when we bought our home and I can’t wait to keep adding the layers of cozy for many years of cocoa.

151119-nutella hc-001 151119-nutella hc-002 151119-nutella hc-003 151119-nutella hc-005 151119-nutella hc-006

Our first Post

November 18, 2015

So it begins. Our new adventure

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